What we do


Treselle Systems is an award winning, premier technology consulting firm in US with offices in India. We work with clients across industries to help build new software applications, integrate disparate technologies, and execute IT solutions.


Treselle Systems has received wide spread recognition in helping clients execute several big data projects and industry leading big data SaaS applications.

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Senior executives in Product Development, Engineering, IT, & Digital Marketing agencies look to Treselle Systems when:

  • Seeking a competitive advantage by building capabilities in newer technical areas such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Mobile where local talent is hard to find.
  • Constrained by limited budget that could seriously derail starting new and important technology initiatives.
  • They are under significant pressure to implement short-term projects that would require them to release the resources immediately after the project completion.
  • Embarrassed at the sight of long list of unfinished project requests submitted by other business or functional units.
  • They hate to be treated as just another account and want to take action to establish a serious ongoing business relationship with a technology services partner.
  • The only way for them to win new client business is to lower overall cost structure by augmenting resources from a competent technology partner.
  • It is stressful to assemble free lancers or consultants to complete a key project, which requires multiple part-time resources to cover diverse areas.
  • They are searching to hire talent outside their current competencies to execute technology solutions.
  • They are frustrated that their current outsourcing provider does not possess the depth and breadth of technical expertise to create and manage complex technology solutions.


Treselle Systems partners with executives and their teams in devising, implementing, and managing technology initiatives critical to their business success. We accomplish this through an outsourcing model that encompasses expertise gained executing broad and wide technology implementations, talented resources, and a leadership committed to client success.

We have the breadth and depth of expertise in the following areas: