There are more than two billion smartphone’s and tablet PC users worldwide. There is a growing expectation that everything and anything will be available as a mobile application. We can make information available at anytime, anywhere, on any platform to customers, prospects and our staff through mobile applications.

Smart phones and tablet PCs can significantly increase the productivity of our staff. More organizations are benefitting from improving business processes by providing their users and staff with access to applications via their mobile devices, tablet, PCs etc. Treselle specializes in tailored mobile application solutions. We custom develop websites and applications suitable for mobile users. We directly target for IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry powered mobile devices.


Client’s secure mobile app could potentially save lives
Client’s situation:
One of our clients wanted to develop a security mobile application for Android and iPhone. They wanted to use an advanced and cross mobile application development platform for the mobile application. Treselle engineers were left with a challenge developing a single code base to handle all type of devices including iPad, iPod, Android mobile, and tabs. The client also wanted to store all the users information in database.
Treselle’s contribution:
Treselle mobile engineer used Appcelerator Titanium, one of the leading mobile application studio for development and Appcelerator cloud services (Backend as a Service) for data storage and maintenance. The engineer used reusable code for auto releasing memory process, which helped to improved application speed. We also used the advanced mobile UI design and development using latest MVC (Model View Controller) pattern and reusable UI methods. Treselle’s UX/UI team designed unique mockup elements for different mobile devices based on iPhone and Android style guides. We carefully designed all aspects to suit latest versions such as iOS 7 as well as older versions. We also created the design for the application’s tutorial section.
Business benefits delivered:

  • The right choice of the development platform by Treselle engineer reduced the time and cost for our client.
  • Instead of using a JS file for each device code base, Treselle’s mobile engineer implemented a common JS file to house various mobile device code bases. This helped our client to clearly understand the code, quickly handle multiple functions, and easily perform code modification.
  • Native mobile application development inherently provides memory auto release pool. Since, we implemented cross mobile platform development, our mobile engineer took care to manually release the memory processes. This increased the performance as well as avoided application crash.
  • We created a number of custom modules such as camera overlay, sms, hudprogress, and others so as to offer all the capabilities that a native development would offer.
  • Created several custom object fields in Appcelerator cloud service to store user data. This allowed our client to understand and serve their customers better.


  • IDE: Xcode, Android developer tool, Appcelerator Titanium, Rho mobile, Sencha, Phone gap
  • Skills: Objective C, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, C#, CPP
  • MBaaS: Appcelerator Cloud Services, Parse, Stack Mob, Kinvey, Buddy, Scotty App, etc.
  • Advanced Concepts: Model view controller(MVC), Model view presenter(MVP), Model view view Model(MVVM), Appcelerator Alloy Concept, Xcode Story board, Interface builder design pattern, SpriteKit Game programming, HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App programming, Canvas Advanced Animation Programming, Appcelerator Private Module Access Programming, Android and IOS Debugging Process,JSON, Xml, CSV Data parsers, etc.
  • Database: SQLite, Property file storage, Private server storage
  • Release: Apple push services(App store), Android Market Services(Google play), Appcelerator Showcase


  • IOS, Android application development
  • Windows, blackberry application development
  • Cross platform mobile application development
  • Design and architecture
  • Debugging and testing by using native tools
  • Enterprises ADD hoc app development and services
  • Enterprises application integration
  • Public production process
  • Mobile backed development services
  • Web Portal with mobile app development services



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