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Why Work at Treselle?

Our employees have come up with a number of reasons on Why they like to work at Treselle. We present some of their thoughts below:

One of our Managing Directors is a very senior technical architect and he is my Technical God Father. I have gained a lot of core Java knowledge as well as contributed to a number of client projects. I really have so much freedom to make things happen everyday. Cultural day is really a new idea that I did not hear at any other company. We get to dress in our cultural attire, celebrate, eat, and enjoy the day.
- Manager, Java Engineering Team 

With laptops, data cards, and headsets, I can work from home during any emergency. We have wide freedom to share our knowledge with everyone and this has helped us to manage the work load during peak deadlines as well as improve our skill sets. I feel very happy to see our Managing Directors come and greet all of us with a great smile. I like the culture and team spirit here. I love to work at here and I am proud that I am part of Treselle.
- Manager, Creative Design Team

Everyone is treated equally and there is no ego or superiority among employees. Lot of trust is put into each of us to execute our work. This brings out our inner talents and creative ideas. We celebrate every individual success in a fun way and this has strengthened the relationship among employees. Our management pays lot of attention towards employee’s career growth and is very willing to listen to our suggestions. My fiends have been jealous that I work in such an environment that they have enquired about job vacancies at Treselle.
- Project Manager

We use latest versions of Adobe creative design tools here and I have created a number of wireframes, style guides, CSS and HTML designs. I directly interact with clients and I did not get this opportunity in my previous company. I got to work from home when my mother had to go through a critical medical procedure. My colleagues and management were very supportive of my family situation. I have not experienced or heard through my friends that a company CEO & Managing Directors come and talk to everyone. It happens here.
- Creative Designer

I am a Java engineer but had to learn some web development to build a desktop application to help a client streamline back-office processes. I do not call this changing my field. I call it as Shaping my Career. Management mentors and helps but also allows us to work in our own way. They also have patience to hear our thoughts and implementation ideas. I get good recognition and I am motivated to contribute my best.
- Java Engineer

Treselle gave me good training as well as good opportunities to work on various technologies so that I was not just doing the same thing all the time. I joined here as an Oracle Certified Associate but learned MySQL and Sybase as well. I have worked on three large different projects using different project methodologies like waterfall and agile. Treselle gave me freedom to tackle problems in new ways. It’s also a completely fun filled environment.
- Lead, Database Engineering Team

I need to stress that Treselle is very good at team work and knowledge sharing, which benefits everyone. I have been working on latest technology frameworks in Java and have more experience than many of my friends. One of my friends started working as a Java developer for the past 2 years in a MNC. He later was moved to database and then into testing & other back-end processes. Now he doesn’t have strong knowledge in any domain. Also, while interviewing Java engineers for Treselle, I was surprised to learn that even experienced applicants are quitting their jobs because they are not satisfied with their technical skills and want to improve. Looking at all these, I feel so proud to work at Treselle.
- Java Engineer

Personal commitment to excellence by everyone here has inspired me a lot. I have learned a lot after being here. I love working at Treselle.
- Test Engineer

I joined from Cognizant Technology with basic knowledge in Java. I learned a lot of frameworks and in-depth Java during my training period. I have successfully worked on some complex projects so far. I like the fact that there is no partiality here based on seniority. Everyone is treated equal. Whenever I am at office, I feel like I am at home as I have all the freedom and liberty. We cut cakes, give gifts, and celebrate birthdays here at our office. Most companies will not allow this.
- Java Engineer

I regularly interview to fill in creative positions and I am constantly surprised to see that candidates, who are several years more experienced working at multinational firms do not have the skills sets we have at Treselle. We have a great opportunity here to work on different tools, technologies, and client projects.
- Creative Designer