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Communication Specialist

Technical Team | Chennai, India

This position will be based out of Chennai, India.

Treselle Systems is looking for an English Communications Specialist. This position has lots of interesting and exciting work and comes with an attractive offer and benefits.


  • You will be assigned to one or more than one project.
  • You should understand the technical nature and scope of the project. This does not mean that you need to be technical.
  • Understand the communication skill set of each and every member in the project. See how and where you could help this person translate his/her thoughts with clarity.
  • Follow each engineers’ and the team’s daily work.
  • Correct and edit emails from engineers to clients.
  • Create/edit status reports and summaries of several engineers.
  • Create/edit defect/bug reports before they are submitted.
  • Take part in all customer facing meetings to facilitate better communication
  • Participate in client interviews with Treselle engineers and act as a translator to facilitate smooth communication.
  • Write or assist in the creation of all types of documents – Design, functional specification, test plans, knowledge transfer, presentation, and others.


  • At least Bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree is preferred.
  • Bachelors or Master’s in English Literature is highly recommended.
  • Candidate should speak English fluently.
  • Candidate should write well with clarity and without any grammatical mistakes.
  • Candidate should have experience writing long essays in college or documents at current job.
  • Prior experience in IT/Software industry as a technical writer, customer service representative, or communications expert is preferred but not absolutely required.
  • Fresh graduates, with strong spoken and written skills in English, are encouraged to apply.Passion, positive attitude, and a big smile are a plus.

Future Opportunities:
A successful employee with an interest and understanding in technology may have the potential opportunity to grow into a project manager or an engagement manager in the future.

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