Treselle systems services

Company Culture

How do you define a company’s culture? Every company has one whether it is planned or not. Traditionally, the founders set the tone. However, there needs to be a concerted effort to maintain the culture. Treselle’s culture evolved from its founder’s personalities. Meet our CEO or Managing Directors and you will understand.

Here is our thinking: When you spend more than a third of your day at work, you better feel good leaving for home and feel great coming back to work the next day. Wouldn’t you want that way? You should ask what did you learn or contribute or solve that day? Treselle’s culture facilitates an environment such that anyone can feel great everyday. It is not just about the salary and benefits (though we have all that). It’s our core values and beliefs, our talented employees, how they treat each other, how proud they feel about the knowledge they gained here, and their contribution and commitment to client success.

We believe in

  • Hard work
  • Passion to get better everyday
  • Deep interest in technology
  • An ardent focus to help clients accomplish their goals
  • Opportunities for everyone to contribute, grow, and succeed
  • Knowledge sharing, collaboration, and teamwork
  • Open and honest communication
  • Respecting every individual
  • Really having fun whenever we can

We don’t believe in

  • Corporate politics
  • Bureaucracy
  • Bad attitude or having an air of superiority
  • Complainers or whiners
We train and mentor every individual. We take on challenging client assignments. We push ourselves to get better constantly. We smother our clients with care, attention, and love when ever they visit our offices. You should be here to see that for sure. Oh! read the section, “Why work at Treselle?” and you will hear honest comments from our employees.