WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin

WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin


This blog talks about the process involved in managing, customizing multiple forms, and mail the contents flexibly with simple markup in websites. The contact form plugin supports features like Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering.


Login to WP Dashboard, there is an option called  ‘Add New’ under the ‘Plugins’ in the left-hand navigation. When you click “Add New”, a window similar to the one given below will open, now search for Contact Form 7 plugin.

install pluginIt only takes few seconds to search the plugin and exhibit the search results.

install plugin results

Once the search results are shown, click “Install” tab to install the plugin in your WP Dashboard.
An another process is to install the plugin with the link given below.


After installing, go to ‘Plugins’ in the left-hand navigation. We will see that the  contact form 7 plugin is installed.

contact form 7

Click Activate tab to activate the contact form 7 plugin in your WP Dashboard.


Once the Contact Form 7 plugin has been activated, ‘Contact’ option appeared in the left-hand navigation page. When we select “Contact” a drop down box appears with ‘Add New’. When we click the “Add New” option, it will take to the new form creation page.

contact formswhere we can customize the form with desired details and required fields, and as well as customize the email options.


By default new form will create fields like Your Name, Your Email, Subject, and Your Message. In case, if we want to add more fields, it is available at “Generate Tag” menu. So just click the menu and add whichever field is necessary in the form.

new contact form

Captcha Integration

For Captcha Integration in the form, we have to click the Captcha field . In case the Captcha is not installed, we would get an window as shown below. Then we have to click the link to install Captcha.


Once really simple CAPTCHA plugin initialization completes, we need to fill the captcha setting with the help of the short code and merge it into the form wherever necessary.

Mail Integration

In Form plugin, it is easy to receive the data through email. We only have to design mail template in the Message body under mail section.

If we want to receive any file attachments in the mail, then use file attachments section, using short code of the field. Form 7 has field settings like to, from and Subject. There is also a possibility to add Cc or Bcc headers in “Additional Headers” fields in the Mail and Mail (2) sections.

mail intergrationMail (2) Section

In Form 7 plugin, the Mail (2) section is useful to send automatic acknowledgment to the form subscribers. First we need to select the radio button which appears  in the Mail (2) section.  Then it becomes very easy, we just have to design a template in the message body with a proper data that we are going to send in acknowledgment.

mail2Finally, we have to double-check the email address in the Mail section. Finally hit the blue ‘Save’ button near the top of the page.

Adding Form to the website

The final step is to add the code generated by the Form 7 plugin to a new page on the site. Just  paste the short code generated by the form 7 plugin in the required page.

form name


Form 7 plugin has a lot of features. It is very useful and simple to create a form in WordPress  site with captcha and also create mail template with additional features.



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