Automate Nagios Monitoring with Puppet

Automate Nagios Monitoring with Puppet



Nagios is an Open Source monitoring tool that provides a comprehensive monitoring environment. It monitors the entire IT infrastructure such as servers, switches, applications, network and services sending alert messages about issues and system recovery.

Technical benefits of Nagios

  • Monitors our entire IT infrastructure
  • Enables problem forecasting
  • Generates immediate alerts on issues
  • Facilitates Information sharing with stakeholders
  • Minimizes downtime and business loss

System Monitoring Tool Voting Results

The screenshot below illustrates the output of the system monitoring tool – “voting results”

system_monitoring_tool_voting_resultsUse case

This use case details the procedures to setup Nagios monitoring and Nagios plug-in installations with Puppet services.


  • Install & Configure Puppet
  • Configure Nagios using Puppet


Install & Configure Puppet

Numerous blog resources provide information on Puppet installation and configuration procedures.

Click the links below to learn more:

Configure Nagios using Puppet

Restart the puppetmaster and puppetdb service

Finally, apply the puppet

Check http://localhost/nagios – It works…



  • Nagios provides an insight into our network performance and availability. It enables a fast response to errors in our network, and most importantly quickly notifies errors even before others sense the issues. It’s a very good example to understand how the Open Source community can assist you in network management.


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